Did I mention I love to Travel?

Why Travel?

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Traveling is something that shouldn't be slept on. My team and I are built on creativity. That means the first chance we get to jump out that door with our luggage and cameras then you bet we will take it. Getting out and about only sparks more creativity and pushes the bounds of storytelling. 

We know everyone has their dream wedding deep inside them. When it comes to those special weddings sometimes that entails super dreamy places. SOOO we would of course love to join you in those exciting destination weddings or maybe you need us to hop a state. We can do that as well! 

THAT'S RIGHT! Just like how everyone has their dream weddings. Us vendors also have dream weddings to film. So if you book from any of these destinations on my list then please feel free to take advantage of the discount! 


Florida - 

Colorado - 


California - 

Utah - 

Mexico - 

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