I'm Alan

Videographer. Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

      Being raised in South Carolina has given me a deep love for the simple, southern style. I aim for videos with clean, airy vibes that realistically display the classic and fun aspects of the day.


 I have a passion for the outdoors, whether that is snowboarding during the winter or being out on the lake in a kayak. As you could imagine, I’ll always jump on an opportunity to shoot a video outdoors! 


I also have a deep love for Zaxby’s chicken and greater respect for American flags (which has turned into quite a collection of items with American flags). You can spot me with American flags on my clothing while riding in my jeep.


There is nothing better than doing things together.


Meet Laura!

You’ll probably see her around.


We will try to keep you laughing the entire day, but it probably won’t be too hard. We have a good time together and we want to have the BEST time with you! Laura is my third-hand, bag-girl, and general sanity (kidding). Adventures are our favorite thing and thankfully I’m slowly converting her to a true southern girl (even if she still won’t drink sweet tea)